What Costume Does Junior Wear To School On Halloween?


How does junior dress on Halloween?

On Halloween, Junior and Penelope both arrive at school dressed as homeless people—an easy costume for Junior, he notes, since his clothes are in poor condition anyway. It’s a mark of Penelope’s privilege that she can choose to dress as a homeless person to collect money for charity.

What is the difference between juniors and Penelope Halloween costumes?

On Halloween Junior doesn’t go to school in costume. He jokes he’s dressed as a homeless man in his usual clothes. Penelope dresses as a homeless woman to protest the treatment of the homeless in America. She plans to collect spare change instead of candy while out trick-or-treating that night.

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How much money does Junior’s father give him on Halloween night in Chapter 11 Halloween?

How much money does Junior’s father give him on Halloween night in Chapter 11: ” Halloween “? A dollar. Two dollars.

What does junior try to explain to Mr Dodge?

The next few weeks are lonely for Junior. No one talks to him on the reservation or at Reardan. Junior realizes that he is smarter than most of the kids at Reardan. For example, in geology class, he has to explain to Mr. Dodge, the teacher, that petrified wood isn’t really wood.

Who Jumped junior on Halloween?

Penelope miraculously agrees. Later that night, Junior is trick or treating for spare change, and is jumped by three guys wearing Frankenstein masks. They spit on him and kick him and take his money. Junior wonders if Rowdy was one of the guys.

Why does junior say he is dressed up as a homeless man?

Junior says he’s wearing his costume to protest the treatment of homeless American Indians, and says he ‘ll trick or treat for change too. They can raise money together.

Why did Junior compare Penelope to his dad?

Why does Junior compare Penelope to his father? When she says “Im only bulimic when I’m throwing up.” It reminds him of his dad when he says “Im only an alcoholic when I get drunk.” They are both addicts with different releases. the most perfect girl in the world.

What does Junior’s sister called?

According to Mr.

Why does Mr Dodge become angry with Junior?

Why does Mr. Dodge become angry with Junior? He becomes angry with Junior because he proved him wrong and made him look foolish. Then because he he couldn’t handle being told off by a student he made fun of the education on the reservation.

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Why does Mary say she is struggling to find a job in Chapter 19 my sister sends me a letter?

What does Mary say she has begun to do in her spare time in Chapter 19: ” My Sister Sends Me a Letter “? She’s begun studying acting.

What happens to Junior’s good intentions?

What happens to Junior’s good intentions? Answer: As he was walking home, three guys beat him up and stole the money that he collected. Explain the event that happens in geology class about petrified wood.

What does junior learn about Penelope?

Junior’s girlfriend. Penelope is beautiful, popular, and, not insignificantly for Junior, white. Junior wonders if he is attracted to her or to her whiteness, and is surprised to discover that Penelope is bulimic. Penelope is supportive of Junior, socially conscious (she raises money for charity), and motivated.

What do rowdy and junior do for each other?

Junior and Rowdy have a very complex relationship, Junior is an introverted nerd while Rowdy is a jock and one of the biggest people on the reservation, but they’re best friends, Rowdy gives Junior physical protection from bullies, while Junior gives Rowdy someone to vent his anger, they both keep each other from being

Why is it significant that rowdy performed well at most competitions?

Rowdy sings the blues It is significant that Rowdy performs well at most competitions because he is the only one from his school that is as good as many of the other schools. Rowdy reacts angrily to Junior’s decision to move schools and says Junior is joking.

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What is the nicest thing a teacher has told Junior?

What is the nicest thing a teacher has ever told Junior and who said it? “You are a good kid. You deserve the world.” (Mr.

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