Readers ask: How To Make An Easy, Cheap Tunic From A T-shirt For Larp, Stage Or Halloween Costume Larpgasm?


How can I make my tunic bigger?

Add an extra inch to the width for seams. -Cut two panels length by width from your coordinating fabric. I wanted to add 2 inches to each side so I cut my panels 3 inches wide by 22 inches long. -Cut open the sides of your shirt along the side seam from the bottom hem up through the hem of the underarm.

How do I alter my tunic?

Fold the bottom edge of the tunic up 1 inch, then up another 1 inch. If you’re hemming fewer than 2 inches, divide the amount you’re hemming by two, then fold. For example, if you’re hemming the tunic by 1.5 inches, fold the bottom up 3/4 inch, then another 3/4 inch. Pin the folded portion to hold in place.

How do you cut clothes for a zombie costume?

Use a razor blade or scissors to cut the shirt and pants of the outfit. Begin the tears with the scissors and finish the tears by hand tearing about three inches. Rip open the back of the shirt or suit jacket. Rip multi-layers, such as a shirt and jacket, together for added realism.

How do you rip clothes for a zombie costume?

Tatter your clothes by ripping and tearing them up. Zombies stumble around catching themselves on things, so to make it realistic tear up those clothes. Add some tears into your clothing with a seam ripper or knife or running a grater over areas. Don’t be afraid to also use your hands to tear at some small cuts.

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How do I make my clothes look ripped?

Cut small notches out of the bottom hem of the clothing item with scissors. Use your hands to gently rip the notches, forming a ragged appearance. Ripping some notches further than others will allow the garment to appear naturally tattered.

Is a tunic?

A tunic is a garment for the body, usually simple in style, reaching from the shoulders to a length somewhere between the hips and the knees.

How many yards do I need for a viking tunic?

Most likely, tunics were more like the first type shown. 2.5 or 3 yds of 60” cloth works well for this layout. Most Viking tunics look best at knee-length. Underarm gussets are optional, but if they are omitted, make the upper arms roomy.

How long should a viking tunic be?

According to the measurements given in Hald (1980, 339), the tunic would come to about mid-thigh on someone 5’7″ tall, and the boat neckline would extend out to approximately the collarbones on each side of the neck. The wrists and the bottom of the tunic were trimmed with tablet-weaving.

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