Quick Answer: What Was Kevins Halloween Costume In The Office?


What did Kevin dress up as for Halloween?

Kevin is dressed as a Dunder Mifflin super hero, with a costume design similar to Mr. Incredible.

What is Jim’s Halloween costume?

In the Season 2 Halloween episode, Jim puts in a particularly poor attempt at a Halloween costume, simply sticking three black dots on his normal shirt and referring to himself as ‘Three Hole Punch Jim. ‘ He claims the costume is just a three-hole punch version of himself, just like the paper he sells.

Who did Andy dress up as for Halloween on the office?

Jim asks Pam if she wants to watch “Ghost Busters.” In footage from a previous Halloween, Dwight is seen dressed up as Freddy Kruger. In footage from a previous Halloween, Dwight is seen dressed up as Pinhead. Andy refers to Stanley’s chef costume as “Chef from ‘South Park.

What was Oscar’s Halloween costume the office?

In the Office’s sixth episode of season 7, Dunder Mifflin’s “accountant extraordinaire” Oscar Martinez dresses up as the “rational consumer” for the office’s Halloween costume contest.

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Why was Devon fired from the office?

Due to downsizing, Michael was forced to fire somebody by the end of the month. Although he first attempted to fire Creed, Creed convinced Michael that Devon was a worse worker and that Devon should be fired instead. As a result, Devon, dressed as a hobo for Halloween, was fired by Michael.

What is the most inappropriate episode of The Office?

8 DIVERSITY DAY (SEASON 1, EPISODE 2) Diversity Day is probably considered one of the most controversial episodes of The Office. It was only the series’ second episode ever, and it featured Michael Scott at his fullest and most inappropriate.

Who did Jim dress up as for Halloween?

1 Three Hole Punch Jim While Popeye was undoubtedly Jim’s sweetest moment of the Halloween holidays, it was not his funniest costume. That honor goes to the first Halloween costume Jim ever donned on The Office.

Which episodes of the office are Halloween?

The Office Halloween Episodes, Ranked

  1. ” Halloween ” — Season 2, Episode 5. NBC.
  2. “Costume Contest” — Season 7, Episode 6. NBC.
  3. “Employee Transfer” — Season 5, Episode 6. NBC.
  4. “Here Comes Treble” — Season 9, Episode 5. NBC.
  5. “Spooked” — Season 8, Episode 5. NBC.
  6. “Koi Pond” — Season 6, Episode 8. NBC.

Is Lady GaGa in the office?

In its latest Halloween installment, “The Office ” continues a string of better-than-average episodes featuring Kevin as Michael Moore, Andy as Bill Compton and Gabe as a very-creepy Lady GaGa. He also has the best line of the episode.

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Did Meredith dress up as Black Widow?

Meredith loved any excuse to wear a sexy outfit to the office and her Black Widow costume was no exception.

Who does creed think Oscar is dressed up as?

Oscar Martinez ( Oscar Nunez), frustrated that no one else seems to realize what a meager prize a coupon book really is (as it is worth over $15,000 in savings, however the rest of the office thinks that is the actual worth), changes out of his costume and snarkily states that he is dressed up as “a rational consumer”.

Who dressed up as Lady Gaga in the office?

blvck on Twitter: “gabe dressed as lady gaga still top 3 office halloween costumes… ”

Does Danny stay in the office?

Danny was a traveling salesman who ended up getting an opportunity at Dunder Mifflin before manager Michael Scott (Steve Carell) left the company. Despite Olyphant’s star status, the character of Danny abruptly disappeared.

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