Quick Answer: Unicorn Halloween Costume For Adults How To Make?


How do you make a unicorn costume?

Create a unicorn costume with a tank top, headband and a tulle skirt. Repurpose an old tank top in a bright or pastel color. Buy about 2 yards of tulle in a preferred color. You’ll also need a length of elastic to go around your waist, a headband, rhinestones, and a glue gun.

How do you make a unicorn headband?

If you have a unicorn party and are creating many of these, here are a few tips:

  1. make all cuts first (horns, both ear pieces, and feathers).
  2. glue together all horns, followed by ears.
  3. add horns to all headbands, allowing the glue to set on all.
  4. decorate in an assembly line fashion.

How do you make a unicorn horn out of paper towel rolls?

The first step is to cut three one inch slits at equal intervals on one side of the paper towel. This will allow your paper towel to twist tightly on the top to create your unicorn’s horn point. Next, twist the paper towel roll in opposite directions like you are gently wringing out a wet rag. Don’t over do it.

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