Quick Answer: How To Make A Peacock Costume For Halloween?


How do you make a homemade peacock costume?

Peacock costume tutorial:

  1. Make a tutu. I used THIS tutorial for mine.
  2. Make some feathers for the back.
  3. Stitch the feathers.
  4. Glue the blue pieces on the feather.
  5. Tack the feathers scattered on a ribbon.
  6. Sew the ribbons to the back of the skirt on the elastic.

How do you attach peacock feathers to fabric?

When attaching peacock feathers to tulle, it is best not to glue peacock feathers directly; use felt as an intermediary instead.

  1. Cut the felt into your desired design.
  2. Put fabric glue onto the back of the felt piece and attach it to the tulle.
  3. Attach the peacock feathers onto the felt.

How do you make a tail feather costume?

  1. Open a wooden or plastic fan to its full width. Cover one side of the fan with hot glue and begin arranging feathers on the tail.
  2. Cover the other side of the fan with hot glue.
  3. Add any embellishments if desired.
  4. Use craft wire to secure the tail onto your person.
  5. Use the feather tail as desired.

How is peacock tail?

Description: The tail of the male peacock is a great example of sexual selection. Female peafowl are attracted to male peacocks with the largest and most ornate train. Therefore females are more likely to have healthy chicks if they mate with a male with the largest train.

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