How To Make A Pophow To Make A Diy Gumball Machine Costumecorn Halloween Costume?


How do you make fake legs for a costume?

Essentially get a volunteer and a throw away pair of pants/stockings, and wrap their legs (or more) in duct tape, then cut them out of it. Stuff and dress the shell as you see fit. That was going to be my suggestion too.. That way you get a realistic looking leg.

How much is a gumball machine?

This item Vending Machine – 48 Inch Spiral Gumball Vending Machine – Coin Gumball Machine with Key – Commercial Gumball Machine That Take Real Money – Quarter Machine – Bulk Vending Machine – Blue
Customer Rating 3.3 out of 5 stars (3)
Price $69900
Sold By Entervending
Color Blue Wiz-Kid Spiral Vending Machine 4′


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