Who Wore The Alf Costume?


Who wears ALF costume?

Michu Meszaros, Who Played the Alien ALF on TV, Dies at 76 The former circus performer and friend of Michael Jackson donned the furry, dog-like costume for the 1980s NBC sitcom.

Who talked for Alf?

Paul Fusco (born January 29, 1953) is an American puppeteer, voice-over artist, and character actor. He is best known as the puppeteer and voice of the title character on the sitcom ALF, for which he also served as creator, writer, producer, and director.

Why was Alf Cancelled?

The premise of creator Paul Fusco’s ALF ultimately led to the show’s cancelation. This is because the show was built on the idea of an alien secretly living among a suburban family. This limited the show to the Tanner house with the Tanner family.

Was Alf filmed in front of a live audience?

You’ll notice ALF was never taped in front of a live studio audience. Sitting around for 12 hours to accommodate set changes would have killed the magic for the show’s fans. Anne Schedeen, who played the show’s mother, Kate Tanner, said a 30-minute episode could take “20, 25 hours to shoot.”

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Is Alf someone in a costume?

Being ALF. For the first two seasons of the show, there was a little person inside of an ALF costume for any full-body scenes. At one point, 33-inch-tall Mihaly “Michu” Meszaros was listed in the Guinness Book of Records as the world’s shortest person.

Did Alf drink beer?

ALF drank beer in the first season. The ALF character was 285 years old, and certainly entitled to pop open a bottle of suds on Earth. However, in reality, he was a fuzzy puppet adored by children. The network convinced Fusco to eliminate the alcohol consumption so as not to make ALF a bad role model.

Did Alf ever eat a cat?

The first cat was named Lucky. The idea behind eating Lucky was a running gag for ALF, but he later realizes that when the Tanners demand ALF not do anything to their cat, he values their trust in him more than a meal. Willie Knows That ALF Eats Cats, but they keep the last one and Brian names him Lucky II.

What did Alf always say?

I’m reminded of a prayer he used to recite every night before going to bed, “And if I die before I wake, chicken-fry me like a steak.”

What is Alf short for?

Alf is a given name, nickname (also Alfie) and surname. The male name Alf or Alv is derived from álf, the Old Norse for “elf”. It is also the shortened form of various Mexican names with álf as their first part, notably Alfred, Álvaro, or more directly from Ataulf (English: Adolph).

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What animal is Alf based on?

ALF (character)

Full name Gordon Shumway
Nickname ALF Gordo
Species Melmacian
Gender Male


What was Alf cats name?

Lucky is the Tanner family’s cat. He died in the fourth season, replaced by a kitten adopted by ALF himself.

When did Alf end?

When ALF – the TV show about a furry, wisecracking alien that was a pop-culture phenomenon in the latter part of the ’80s – aired its final episode on March 24, 1990, viewers were left confused.

What is a Melmacian?

Melmacians are a species of short-statured sapients of mammalianoid evolutionary background. They are relatively long-lived, having a lifespan of around 650 years. Their species is widely considered one of the more awkward sapients in the known galaxy.

What color is Alfs fur?

ALF’s body is covered with rust-colored fur (he once described his color as burnt sienna), but has implied that it is not his natural color. He has a rippled snout, facial moles, eight stomachs and he likes to eat cats.

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