Readers ask: How To Make Sith Costume?


How do you dress like a Sith?

Generally these are the most important elements to consider:

  1. Robes: Generally dark robes with unique hoods.
  2. Vest: A dark (leather) vest that usually stands out thanks to its unique glow and material.
  3. Belt: A belt that matches the vest.
  4. Boots: We’re looking for something that looks mean and rough.

Why do Sith wear black?

Two of Palpatine’s Sith robes The Sith Lords that came after the establishment of the Rule of Two were in hiding and generally favored simpler black garments. Their concealing black robes made them appear as if they were creatures of the night.

Do Sith only wear black?

Black robes may be traditional to the Sith, but not because it’s an evil colour. The Sith are an offshoot of the Jedi order after all, and many prominent Jedi, including Master Luminara Unduli, wear black.

How do I dress up like Obi Wan Kenobi?

He is always wrapped in his typical beige Jedi tunic, a matching tabard and a waist sash held in place with a thin, brown leather belt. Brown, pull-on, leather, high boots are a recurrent item in his wardrobe as well as his khaki pants, the latter varying in shades between the Episodes I and III.

What material are Jedi robes?

Jedi robes are usually made out of wool, but I find this to be both prohibitatively expensive and heavy. If you want to go that route, by all means, do it. A rougher, or any texture will also help hide any machine or hand stitches you have to make.

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