Readers ask: How To Make Costume Horns?


How do you make horns out of toilet paper rolls?

Step 1: Create your first horn shape by stuffing your toilet paper roll with rolled up paper towels. Allow the paper towels to stick out of one side of the roll. Step 2: Wrap your paper towel and roll with aluminum foil several times then shape your first horn into the curve shape of one of Maleficent’s horns.

How do you make devil horns with tin foil?

  1. Cut some strips of tinfoil (4 -5)… …and begin to wrap the headband with them.
  2. Stop when you reach the point where the horns should be. Take a bigger piece of tinfoil … … and crumple it…
  3. Wrap a strip of tinfoil around one horn … …
  4. Put some black paint on a cardboard… … and paint the headband using the paintbrush.

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