Readers ask: How To Make Costume Armour?


What is the best material to make cosplay armor?

EVA foam is a very common foam for armor builds in cosplay. It is more sturdy. It also usually comes with a textured side and a smooth side, and in tons of colors. For example, a lot of people like to use this foam for making the N7 armor from Mass Effect, because they use that textured side on some parts of the armor.

What is the best glue for EVA foam?

In short, the best glue for almost every EVA Foam project is Contact Cement. Contact Cement is a strong glue, that is also slightly elastic, so it will endure bending and twisting. It is also easy and fast to use and very accurate to use.

What is the golden rule of cosplay?

The Golden Rule of Cosplay is as follows: Cosplay is NOT consent! That means even if someone is wearing something revealing or they are cosplaying a character with a proclivity for certain behaviors, do not touch them without asking, do not verbally or sexually harass them.

What fabric should I use for cosplay?

Real or faux silk, taffeta, velvet, brocade or heavy-weight satin (casa satin) would be a good choice. Beware of cheap, shiny materials like crushed velvet and halloween-quality satin. A fantasy warrior needs sturdy materials like leather (substitute with pvc leather), wool, linen and rough-spun cotton.

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Is Worbla expensive?

Worbla is more expensive than many other materials commonly used, like foam. You can’t store it in a hot car. A costume made of several jumbo sheets of Worbla can be pretty heavy compared to foam. If you have a large molded ‘chunk’ of Worbla, you need to heat it all the way through to cut it down.

Is Eva foam good for soundproofing?

Due to the air it traps EVA Foam is generally a good soundproofing product. However, most EVA foam mats are not best suited to busy areas in gyms due to their lack of density and thickness. They can make a big difference in terms of gym acoustics as they reduce echo and make the gym sound quieter inside.

What can you use instead of EVA foam?

Cheaper Alternatives to EVA Foam Pepakura

  • Step 1: Cardboard and Foamies. In my last instructable i shown you how to save hours using cardboard instead of paper for pepakura.
  • Step 2: Foamies for Details.
  • Step 3: Find Other Materials.

What is breastplate used for?

A breastplate or chestplate is a device worn over the torso to protect it from injury, as an item of religious significance, or as an item of status. A breastplate is sometimes worn by mythological beings as a distinctive item of clothing.

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