Readers ask: How To Make A Train Costume Out Of Cardboard Boxes?


How do you make a DIY train costume?

DIY Train Costume

  1. large cardboard box (I used a diaper box) + extra scrap cardboard.
  2. duct tape or packing tape.
  3. hot glue gun.
  4. card board tube (I used a container from bread crumbs)
  5. round plastic container (I used a plastic treat container from a thrift store)
  6. black paint & brush.
  7. spray glue.
  8. colored butcher paper.

How do you make a simple cardboard train?

To make the wheels perfect circles use this little trick to make a big, homemade compass!

  1. Make a long cardboard strip.
  2. Put a push pin on one side and make a hole on the opposite end big enough to poke a marker through.
  3. Stick the push pin in the center of the cardboard and move the marker around to make the circle.

How do I attach a strap to a cardboard box?

To make string straps, poke holes in your cardboard first, push your string through, tie it and tape over the ties to hold them in place. To make tape straps, tape two pieces of duct tape back to back, then attach them to your cardboard using the plus-sign technique.

How do you make a tractor costume out of a box?

Cardboard Box Tractor Costume

  1. Diaper box (or any small box )
  2. 1 extra cardboard box (even cereal boxes will do )
  3. 2 sturdy paper plates (you could also just use card board)
  4. Drop cloth (or anything to paint on)
  5. Green spray paint (spray paint just makes it faster)
  6. Black spray paint.
  7. Scissors (or you could rip the card board)
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How do you make a Thomas train costume?


  1. Cut the cardboard box flaps and fold up to make the train shape, cut out the bottom of the box.
  2. Add a curved piece of cardboard for the train roof.
  3. Add the extra box lid around the bottom for the base of the train.
  4. Paint your train.

How do you make a motor out of cardboard trains?

Step 1: Making the Wheels

  1. Cut 2 sets of cardboard circles.
  2. Use strips of cardboard and a circular object that matches one set of circles to make circular rings.
  3. Sandwich the cardboard ring of step 2 with a cardboard circle carefully.
  4. Carefully, using toothpicks attach 2 wheels to a BO motor.

How do you reinforce a flat cardboard?

Tape over all inside joints and edges Taping over all inside joints and edges in your box is one of the simplest and most effective ways to strengthen it. This will help reinforce these critical parts of your box, amplifying the natural strength of their materials and design.

How do you make cardboard car straps?

Cut out a 10-cm wide rectangle from the back of your car to make a spoiler. Layer two 1-m stretches of duct tape together, sticky sides in, to create a strap. Repeat to make a second strap. Tape each strap to the inside back of the car.

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