Readers ask: How To Make A Mermaid Costume You Can Walk In?


How do you walk in a mermaid tail?

Are your mermaid tails walkable? Yes, they are open at the bottom so you can remove your monofin easily and pull them up to walk.

How do you make a tulle mermaid tail?

To make the tail, all you need is to measure your little one’s waist with elastic and then sew the elastic ends together. Then, loop long stands of tulle over the elastic. Tie it in a knot and let the two tulle ends hang.

Why do you need a monofin for a mermaid tail?

Monofin: The monofin secures your feet inside the mermaid tail and gives the fluke rigidity so that you can move forward when you kick.

Do you need a monofin for a mermaid tail?

If you are buying a SWIMMABLE Fin Fun mermaid tail (any tail that is Youth size 6 or larger), you will need to use a monofin in order to swim like a mermaid in it. Without the monofin, you will just have loose fabric around your feet/ankles, and no way to propel yourself with your legs together in the tail.

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