Readers ask: How To Make A Dorothy Costume From Wizard Of Oz?


How do you dress like Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz?

Dorothy’s skirt comes just below her knees, so make sure your skirt falls to the same place. Dorothy’s dress is a pinafore dress, which is a sleeveless garment usually worn by young girls as a dress over a blouse. Sewing a simple pinafore dress with a blue and white gingham fabric will serve as a great costume.

What color was Glinda’s dress in the Wizard of Oz?

At least one costume, however, was not an original. It had been designed by Adrian, but for a different picture. The dress: Glinda’s magical pink gown. The star who wore it first: Jeanette MacDonald.

What did Dorothy carry in her basket?

After production shut down temporarily in October of 1938—in order to make some critical changes—adding the basket gave Dorothy a way to carry a supply of apples as well as the Tin Man’s oil can (which previously he wore around his waist like a flask).

How do you dress like a wizard?

Try a long, flowing robe. Wizards are often notably dressed in long, flowing robes. You can purchase a robe at a costume store or use a robe in your home. You can also try sewing your own robe if you can work a sewing needle or sewing machine. Making a wizard robe is simple.

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What was the scarecrow costume made of?

On Aug. 25, 1939, “The Wizard of Oz” debuted in theaters nationwide. Ray Bolger wore this straw-stuffed patchwork costume as the Scarecrow, one of the friends who accompanied Dorothy to the Emerald City in the 1939 Technicolor film.

Did Scarecrow have a gun?

So where did the revolver come from? The Scarecrow doesn’t have it when the flying monkeys pull his stuffing out earlier in the film, so it doesn’t seem to have always been in his possession. Scarecrow’s gun also presents continuity issues. The Wicked Witch’s henchmen arm themselves with Halberds, not guns.

Does Dorothy Gale have freckles?

Judy Garland, as Dorothy Gale, looks heartbreakingly young thanks to a light dusting of freckles now visible under her studio-system makeup.

Who Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz?

In the 1939 movie The Wizard of Oz, Dorothy was played by Judy Garland, who received an Academy Juvenile Award for her performance. Since she was sixteen years old at the time of filming, Garland’s maturing figure was bound into a figure-hiding corset.

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