Readers ask: How To Get Music Creed Costume Crusade 2?


How do you get music cred in Costume Quest 2?

Music Cred – You can find this quest in the French Quarter at the band. Put on the clown costume and use the horn on citizens around the area. There are three. One is the lady watching the boy shoot out of the cannon, another is watching the two statue costumes and the last is in line at the shrimp cart.

Where is Lil bones Costume Quest 2?

After Orel returns the candy, find Li’l Bones at the boat launch in the French Quarter (on the right side, just past the healing fountain area).

How do you gather tourists in Costume Quest 2?

The quest is initiated by speaking with the musicians in the square in the French Quarter. The kids need to find an audience for the band. There are three tourists in the square that can be enticed to go watch the band. Make sure Wren is in the Clown costume, then walk up to tourists and honk the Squeaky Horn.

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How do you get 50 bucks in Costume Quest 2?

Head into the jazz club, Mink’s Place, which is just to the left of the repairman. Speak to the musician on stage, who will invite Wren to jam with him on Squeaky Horn. Perform adequately (squeak the horn at the right times) and collect the $50!

How do you get a pterodactyl costume in Costume Quest 2?

The Pterodactyl is one of the Costumes that is acquired in the game. It is acquired by collecting materials in the Bayou in the past and is required for completing the Witch Hunt quest.

How do you get the solar system costume in Costume Quest 2?

The Solar System costume cannot be obtained until near the end of the game, when the player is able to freely travel between the past and future. The player must have all costumes to obtain the Solar System, including the Wolfman, which is otherwise an optional costume.

Where is Orel in Costume Quest 2?

Orel White, DDS is the main antagonist of the game Costume Quest 2. He is a demented dentist seeking for Halloween to be canceled with the assistance of Kronoculus and the Repugians. He is located in Auburn Pines in both timelines.

Where are the kids hiding in Costume Quest 2?

In a pink princess or wizard costume, on the path but hidden by some trees, to the left of the Duelo del Diablo Bub ( kid in devil costume on a tree stump).

Is Costume Quest 2 local co op?

The game supports 2 -player local and online co – op. Even with a friend, it’s pretty challenging, even on easy! Luckily, it also offers a free trial.

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How do you get the Wolfman in Costume Quest 2?

The Wolfman costume is obtained through the sidequest Creepy Cryptid. This sidequest is started by speaking to a Trowbog noticing some scratch marks, next to the ladder leading into New Repugia (East Side). The player must follow the claw marks, using the Wizard’s glowstick ability to light up the tracks.

How many costumes are in Costume Quest 2?

There are new and returning costumes in this game, up to about 16 costumes to acquire.

Where is Baron in the future Costume Quest 2?

If you invest the 200 candy with Baron now, in the future you will be able to find him again in the park in Old Auburn Pines, at which point he will give you 1000 candy in return.

How do I change costumes in Costume Quest 2?

Hold RT to get to the ” change costume menu”, then simply press LT to cycle through your party members. It even says that on the screen.

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