Quick Answer: Where The Wild Things Are Max Costume Diy?


Who is Master Blaster Mad Max?

” Blaster ” was played by two people – Stephen Hayes who played unmasked Blaster and Paul Larsson – a plumber from Sydney who played masked Blaster. He was selected because he was 6’8″ ft (207cm) tall. It was his screen debut. Rossitto recalled that working with pigs was very fun and they were not vicious animals at all.

How do you make a post apocalyptic costume?

How to Make a Post Apocalypse Costume

  1. Gather the clothing for your basic outfit.
  2. Dirty your clothing items to give them a weathered look.
  3. Add functional accessories to further develop your look.
  4. Style your hair to fit the post – apocalyptic setting.
  5. Apply makeup to complete your look.

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