Quick Answer: How To Make A Peter Pan Costume?


What kind of shirt does Peter Pan wear?

Buy a green shirt. The tunic is an iconic part of the Peter Pan costume, so a short or tight shirt won’t look as good. You can buy a regular T- shirt or polo shirt, or a shirt made from linen or another similar material for a more earthy feel.

How do you make Peter Pan shoes out of felt?

Use green felt to make Peter Pan shoes. Purchase several large sheets of green felt at your local craft or fabric store. Trace your most comfortable footwear onto two pieces of white paper to use as a pattern for the soles of your Peter Pan shoes. Cut out the traced shoes and pin them to your felt.

Why is it called Peter Pan collar?

Peter Pan Collars are named after the collar worn by Maude Adam’s in her classic 1905 performance as the lead role in J.M.Barrie’s novel. Shaped to fit the neckline, it is a flat collar that lies upon the torso with soft, curved corners.

Are Peter Pan collars still in style?

Named after the famous character, the style usually features rounded corners and is associated with a youthful look. Often seen as a cute add-on, the trend is now taking center stage, becoming an eye-catching statement piece.

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Does Peter Pan have a dagger?

Dagger -Fighting: Peter is very skilled with his trusty dagger, able to wield it with such skill he can fight a master swordsman, like his nemesis Captain Hook, and hold his own. However, Peter often fights while flying, which gives him an edge; when he fights Hook without flying, he is almost killed.

How do you make elf shoe covers?


  1. Create 2 shoe templates out of cardstock.
  2. Make a fringe pattern for the edge of your shoes.
  3. Trace and cut out the fabric pieces from the shoe templates.
  4. Sew the heel ends of the felt pieces together.
  5. Sew the fringe onto the top portion of the shoe.
  6. Pin and sew the sole to the bottom of the side shoe pieces.

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