Quick Answer: How To Make A Harry Potter Costume At Home?


How do you dress up for Harry Potter?

Dressing Like Harry Potter. Put on black trousers and a white shirt. If you can, use slacks and a collared, button- up shirt. The Hogwarts dress code requires everyone to look smashing.

How do you make a Harry Potter robe out of a shirt?

Before moving or cutting the shirt, use straight pins to hold fabric together where your lines are drawn. (Just sew over the pins as you go, as long as your machine can handle it.) Cut the front of the shirt up the middle. Sew along your drawn lines and cut out the extra.

How do you make a homemade Slytherin robe?

A Slytherin robe can also be achieved with a black graduation robe. Paint the inside green with fabric paint for an authentic look. Find a white button-down shirt, a black or gray vest to wear over it, a pair of black slacks, and black dress shoes. Draco wears his platinum blond locks cut straight across his ears.

What do you wear under a Harry Potter robe?

5 Answers. In the books, there’s basically no mention of wizards wearing anything under their robes other than underpants (or in extreme cases nothing at all). Snape was hanging upside-down in the air, his robes falling over his head to reveal skinny, pallid legs and a pair of greying underpants.

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Who is in Hufflepuff in Harry Potter?

Known Hufflepuffs

Hufflepuff Period Attending Hogwarts Notes
Megan Jones 1991–1998
Wayne Hopkins
Ernie Macmillan Prefect and member of Dumbledore’s Army.
Zacharias Smith Chaser and Captain of the Hufflepuff Quidditch team; member of Dumbledore’s Army (abandoned).


What color is Harry Potter?

Nowadays, blue is one of the most ubiquitous clothing colours, something the designers of this website discovered when studying the Harry Potter films – Harry, apparently, nearly always wears blue.

How does Harry dress up as Hermione?

Start with a button down white shirt and knee length skirt. Add a necktie in Gryffindor colors – scarlet and gold. Finish off the look with a Gryffindor witches’ robe and wand, which can be found online easily. While cosplaying as Hermione on your own can be fun, it’s also easy to involve your friends.

What do you need to dress up as Hermione Granger?

What you need

  1. 1 x white school shirt.
  2. 1 x black A-line school skirt.
  3. 1 x red and gold tie (try Vinnies)
  4. 1 x grey or black v-necked button up cardigan.
  5. 1 x black cape, cloak or coat.
  6. 1 x Gryffindor badge.
  7. 1 x red and yellow striped scarf.
  8. 1 x chopstick (wand)

How do I dress like Hermione?

Because Hogwarts is rather chilly, Hermione opts for warm clothing when she dresses like a Muggle. This includes thick coats, jackets, striped or patterned knits, jeans, cords, cargo or chino pants, and a good pair of sneakers.

What is the Hogwarts uniform?

They had a plain white shirt and a house themed tie, with a grey knitted v-neck jumper. The boys could wear grey trousers or breeches while the girls wore a gymslip with a pleated skirt. It is indicated that cloak has already developed as one of the school official uniforms though it hasn’t become the must-wear ones.

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What are Hogwarts robes made of?

Brand: Cinereplicas Fabric: – Outside is 100% polyester (240gr) – Inside is polyester satin lining Comes with: – magic wand pocket – the Gryffindor patch – adjustable snap button The drawing of this dress was made by professional costumers from Warner Bros. Harry Potter movies official archives.

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