Quick Answer: How To Make A Costume Headpiece?


How do I keep my heavy headpiece on?

If your headpiece is a strip of fabric, applique, scrunchie, or bow, use plenty of bobby pins and hair spray. After putting it in place, use bobby pins whose color doesn’t distract from the costume piece. You may wish to use strong- hold hairspray on the hair first to crease a stiffer texture.

How do you make a sunburst crown?

How to make a sunburst headdress:

  1. Find the upper center point of your headband and cinch down one of the longer zip ties in this spot.
  2. Add 3 smaller zip ties on either side of your central long tie.
  3. Add a longer zip tie on each end…
  4. Continue repeating this pattern until you’ve covered most of the headband!

How much does a Haku Lei cost?

Custom Haku Lei $55 & up.

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