Quick Answer: How To Han Solo Costume?


What did Han Solo wear?

Han Solo wears an off-white, almost beige, 3/4 sleeve loose v-neck shirt with a half-collar.

What pants does Han Solo wear?

Han Solo The Force Awaken Pant (Product Page) Han Solo uses to wear sober and simple jeans with his jacket that makes him feel comfortable to act like the character. This Han Solo Pant is made of polyester material and is perfect for Han Solo fans to have.

What kind of belt does Han Solo wear?

Han Solo’s large hexagonal belt buckle is one of the most recognizable aspects of his traditional uniform.

What color are Han Solo’s boots?

Han Solo wears black tall leather flat riding boots with no zipper.

What do the stripes on Han Solo’s pants mean?

The Corellian Bloodstripe was an award for conspicuous gallantry given by the Corellian military forces.

How did Han get the stripes on his pants?

It was part of the story he made up for the Imps when they boarded the Falcon after Han dumped jabba’s load of spice in the Kessel Run. The Imps then “escorted” the Falcon to Corellia, and Han was awarded the blood- stripes.

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