Quick Answer: Bdo How To Get The Costume Crystals?


How do you extract crystals from BDO?

Once you have one of the above items, go to the blacksmith and click “ Extraction ” then “ Extract Crystal ”. Select the piece of equipment, choose the Black Spirit Essence or Crystal Extraction Tool, then click “ Extract ” on the correct crystal.

How do you get ancient spirits crystal valor?

Return to List Ancient Spirit’s Crystal – Valor. Explanation: A Blackstone crystal that can be attached to the sockets of Top (Outfit). Can be obtained by heating Serendia Soldier, Serendian Blacksmith Suit.

How do you get ancient spirit’s crystal in swiftness?

Return to List Ancient Spirit’s Crystal: Swiftness. Explanation: A Black Stone Crystal that can be fused into Top (Outfit). sockets. It can be obtained by heating Calpheon Noble Outfit, Edan Travel Wear, Orwen Travel Wear, Valencia Travel Wear, or Serendian Formal Suit.

How do I get BDO movement speed?

Fast Travel by putting Magic Crystals in the sockets of your gear. Magic Crystals that buff Movement Speed can be put into shoe sockets. Many shoes have two sockets, for a maximum of +4 using two +2 crystals.

How do I get old casual BDO?

A ragged casual wear for everywoman. It can be turned into better clothes with some more materials. – How to Obtain: There is a chance of obtaining this item by drying Drift Laundry.

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How do you get black essence in BDO?

– How to Obtain: Kill the raiding bandits and receive Shiny Golden Seal: [Imperial Conquest]. Exchange Shiny Golden Seal: [Imperial Conquest] with Black Essence: Harphia from Valks in Calpheon. Heat Black Essence: Harphia and Ancient Magic Crystal: Harphia.

Where can I farm black magic crystals?

  • You can get Black Magic Crystal – Agility as a drop from killing monsters in the following nodes:
  • Sycraia Underwater Ruins in Balenos. Node Balenos Sycraia Underwater Ruins [0CP] Danger. Sycraia Underwater Ruins. Balenos. – Contribution Points: 0.
  • Aakman in Valencia. Node Valencia Aakman [5CP] Trading Post. Aakman. Valencia.

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