Question: Max Where The Wild Things Are Costume?


What costume does Max wear in Where the Wild Things Are?

Max and the Monster are iconic children’s characters that most anyone would recognize. Max’s pure-white wolf onesie and golden crown is an adorkable outfit that matches perfectly with the Monster’s hilarious yellow-orange striped fur and scaly legs.

How do you dress up as Max from Stranger things?

For Max Mayfield’s season 3 look, you’ll need a Striped Crop Top T-Shirt, High Waisted Denim Shorts, Leather Belt, Red Sunglasses, Walkie Talkie, Checkerboard Socks, and a pair of Red Vans.

How do you dress like Max?

In one of the most action-packed episodes of the series, Max sports a green jacket and yellow striped shirt, the perfect getaway outfit. To copy this look, go for some comfy clothes, like a loose pair of jeans and a t-shirt, so that you can move around quickly while still looking fresh.

Where can I buy Eleven’s outfits?

The Bold Yellow Print

  • Adult Battle Eleven Costume Kit – Stranger Things. Spirit Halloween $29.99. SHOP NOW.
  • F/S Hi Lifestyle Sneaker. Reebok $74.95. SHOP NOW.
  • Black High-Rise Slouchy Jeans. Pull & Bear $39.90. SHOP NOW.
  • Athletic Socks. Madewell $14.50. SHOP NOW.

Does Max from Stranger things have parents?

Three months later, Max still mourns for Billy’s death as she sits in his bedroom. Sam Mayfield is Max’s father. According to Max, her biological father is still residing in California. Max had a fairly good relationship with her father growing up, even after he had to move to LA when her parents broke up.

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What kind of shoes does Max wear in Stranger things?

Yellow Converse All Star sneakers worn by Max Mayfield (Sadie Sink) as seen in Stranger Things (Season 3)

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