Question: How To Make Your Own Harley Quinn Costume?


What do you need for a Harley Quinn costume?

Margot Robbie plays the role of Harley Quinn. To dress like her, the Suicide Squad Jacket is necessary as well the Daddy’s Little Monster Suicide Squad Tee, Studded Belt, and Long White Heel Boots.

What does Harley Quinn wear?

She still rocks blonde pigtails with blue and red streaks. Harley wears a button-up blouse with black sleeves that is checkered in black, red, and white. She has blue shorts and a black belt over red and black leggings. The outfit is complete with blue sneakers and a black eye mask.

What shoes does Harley Quinn wear in Suicide Squad?

A close-up of Margot Robbie’s Adidas by Jeremy Scott boots as character Harley Quinn.

What do Harley Quinn’s tattoos say?

The tattoos on Quinn’s thigh read “ Harley + Puddin,” “Puddin,” and a heart with an arrow going through it that says “Mr. J.” The fact that these tattoos are upside down serve as evidence that Harley applied them herself. The signature bundle of diamonds on her right arm and thigh display her connection to the Joker.

What does Puddin mean?

A sweet nickname that couples often use, kind of like how people call each other hun, a nickname based of off honey. Puddin is based off the food pudding.. it would be rare to call a friend it, but it’s common with parents calling their children by it, or them calling their significant other by it.

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What color is Harley Quinn’s eyes?


Gender Female
Height 170.2 cm • 5’7″
Weight 63.5 kg • 140 lbs
Eye color Blue
Hair color Blond


What does Harley Quinn’s bat?

1 WOODEN MALLET None of the weapons are as constant as Harley Quinn’s good old wooden Mallet. It’s her primary weapon of choice. The mallet is basically a giant wooden hammer that was given to her character in The New Batman Adventures.

What is Harley Quinn’s jacket made of?

Harley Quinn’s colorful jacket made from strips of caution tape has become popular since appearing in several recently released teasers and photos for warner bros.

Who made Harley Quinns jacket?

For Birds of Prey (And The Fantabulous Emancipation of Harley Quinn ), costume designer Erin Benach put careful thought into every item the film’s protagonist wore. That includes the jacket she can be seen wearing in the film’s trailer.

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