Question: How To Make Itachi Costume?


How do you dress like Itachi?

Get in costume by wearing an Anime Cosplay Wig, Men’s T-Shirt, Twill Joggers, Akatsuki Cloak, and Akatsuki Shoes. Get the necessary items by adding an Itachi Accessories Set, Plastic Kunai Darts, and Black Nail Polish.

What is Itachi’s clothes called?

Rulercosplay Unisex Robe Akatsuki Cloak Suit for Uchiha Itachi Cosplay Costume – Deluxe Version.

How do I style Itachi hair?

Itachi’s hair is simple. It’s long (around base of shoulder blades to mid-back) with chin-length bangs. It’s also always tied in a ponytail, so there’s no real styling needed.

What was Itachi’s secret?

Itachi requested that the Third look after Sasuke, which the Third vowed to do. Itachi left the village publicly a traitor but secretly with a new mission: to infiltrate Tobi’s organisation, Akatsuki, and keep it from moving against Konoha.

What personality type is Itachi?

Naruto Series: Itachi Uchiha (INFJ)

How do I look like Akatsuki?


  1. Wear nail polish. You don’t have to if you’re a guy, but it’s up to you.
  2. Get the attitude. Don’t try to hurt or kill somebody!
  3. Act “cool”. Akatsuki members are always calm.
  4. Style your hair. The possibilities for styling anime and manga hair are endless.
  5. Have some good footwear.
  6. Find a ring.
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What is the Akatsuki symbol?

Their costume consisted of long dark cloaks with a red cloud, a red interior, and a chin-high collar. The Red cloud represents the rain of blood that fell in Amegakure during the wars and was seen as a symbol of justice by its original members.

Who is Akatsuki in Naruto?

Their members are Itachi, Kisame, Deidara, Hidan, Kakuzu, Konan, Sasori and Nagato, using his Deva Path. Itachi is presumed to be the leader of Akatsuki in the alternate world.

How do I get Sasuke hair?

Give yourself a ‘duck’ hair -do. Grow your hair out a bit, if it’s short, to give yourself more to work with, and practice spiking your hair with mousse or hairspray. It’ll take a considerable amount of product to get your hair to look like Sasuke’s is drawn.

How can I be like Madara?

  1. Do something so great so that your name becomes a legend. For e.g. Madara’s name was enough to start a war.
  2. Be a master genius.
  3. Train very hard.
  4. Learn to control the fire element or many elements and master them completely.
  5. Confidence.
  6. Develop charisma also.
  7. Think deeply about human philosophy and everything.

What color is Sasuke’s hair?

Sasuke’s hair is black, it sometimes seems blue but trust me it’s black. Snugglebum said: when you reflect light off black hair, the highlights turn blue. the blue parts of sasukes hair are merely light reflections.

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