Question: How To Make A Pubert Addams Costume?


Is pubert Addams a boy or girl?

The character of Pubert Addams (a boy ) was played by twin girls, Kaitlyn Hooper and Kristen Hooper.

What did Wednesday Addams dress up as for Halloween?

In The Addams Family TV series, which originally aired in the 1960s, Wednesday wears black Chelsea boots. Just make sure they’re as black as Wednesday’s heart.

What type of dress does Morticia Addams wear?

A modern take on Morticia’s gothic gown is to wear a plain black, long-sleeved maxi dress. While Morticia’s footwear can rarely be seen, this web-like black heels seem appropriate for her. Morticia is well-known for her super long, straight black hair so wear a wig if you must.

What color lipstick does Morticia wear?

NYX Professional Matte Lipstick in Pure Red ($6) stays on forever, meaning you can eat candy (or people, depending on just how in character you get) all night long. But the best part about Morticia’s goth-meets-sexpot look is easily her nails.

Did Wednesday Addams have a doll?

In Art and the Addams Family, Wednesday holds what appears to be the same doll, but calls it Mary Queen of Scots, then shows a tombstone reading “Marie Antoinette.” She later donates the Mary doll to the charity bazaar. She also had a doll that was identical to Wednesday’s, but called it Anne Boleyn.

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How old is Wednesday in The Addams Family?

Wednesday Addams
Age 6 (in the original television series) and 12 to 13 in the Addams family film
In-universe information
Gender Female
Family Gomez (father) Morticia (mother) Pugsley (older/younger brother) Fester Addams (great-great-uncle/great-grand-uncle) (in the 1964 series) (uncle from then on)


Who is the youngest in the Addams Family?

Pugsley is Gomez and Morticia’s only son as well as their oldest child, with his sister Wednesday being the youngest of the original family. They’ve primarily been the only Addams children throughout the 50-year history of the property, but they did get a brother in Addams Family Values named Pubert.

How did Wednesday Addams die?

In 1981, she was diagnosed with colon cancer. Two years later, she fell into a coma and eventually passed on at the age of 53. 20 Facts about Iconic ‘ Addams Family Values’ Film Even Fans Migh

Is pubert a real name?

The name “Pubert” was originally conceived by Charles Addams for the character Pugsley in the ’60s TV series; the name was rejected due to fears that network censors would disallow it. Pubert was played by Kaitlyn Hooper and Kristen Hooper, and voiced by Cheryl Chase.

What color are Wednesdays eyes?

While other Addams Family members had white circles with black pupils for eyes, Wednesday had small black ovals, which gave the character a more melancholy appearance.

What color is Wednesday Addams nails?

You can’t forget Wednesday’s signature red nail polish! This nail lacquer from OPI in shade “Big Apple Red” is the perfect color — plus you’ll probably be wearing it every day outside Halloween, too.

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How can I be like my Addams?

Find dark, old fashioned clothes – preferably black with high collars. Wednesday normally wears simple clothing in dark colors. However, don’t be too sexy, as Wednesday’s a minor. Use minimal lace but if you don’t have the dress, then wear simple but dark clothes.

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