Often asked: How To Use Color Change Pass Pso2 Costume?


Where is the recycle shop pso2?

The shop is located under the Store bar on the main menu with a picture of a shopping cart next to it.

Can you change color of accessories pso2?

Some accessories do color match your character, but others don’t. Some are somewhere in between where certain parts of the accessory will change color, but things like the gold trim / purple glow of the wings do not, unfortunately.

How do you get a rappy suit?

Thread: how to get rappy suit get a 10 in all four 1up missions and then go to the item exchange. you will recieve one for free.

Where is the fun shop in PSO2?

The My Room Shop and FUN Shop are located near the stage of the Shopping Area, next to the Badge and Recycle Shops. At the My Room Shop you can purchase various furniture, themes, and scenery for your room. Some of the shop’s inventory may be cycled after major game updates.

What does PSO2 premium do?

Premium Set enables special perks for a set period of time. You can purchase them in 30, 60, or 90 day periods at the AC Shop. Premium Set is only activated once the item is consumed.

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How do I buy arks cash?

The easiest way is through Phantasy Star Online 2es. This allows you to buy directly from the Google Play Store without having to use a middleman. Tap the AC Shop button from the Shop menu to reach the screen above. Tap the ACチャージ ( Buy AC) button to bring up a menu of Arks Cash increments to purchase from.

How does the Swap Shop work pso2?

The Swap allows you to exchange certain items for various rewards. Kameo, The Swap Shop Specialist, can be found be found below the Franca Cafe entrance in the shopping plaza. Alternatively, Swap Shop 1 can also be accessed from the main menu under the AC Menu (Shopping Cart).

What do you do with 10 weapons in pso2?

  1. If they’re 7-9 star weapons, then I either break them down into crafting materials or just sell them to the NPC shop, depending on whether I feel like moving to my room or not.
  2. If they’re 10 star weapons, then I usually trade them in for excubes at the Recycle Shop.

Can I change appearance PSO2?

The important bit is that you cannot change your characters race or gender. All other aspects can be changed. Having alt characters is fairly important for effective play. You get 3 free character slots, so I would recommend making characters of different races just for aesthetics.

What is the best class in PSO2?

Ranger class is one of the best and easiest to pick up in PSO2 as all you have to do is line up enemies in your sight and take them down one by one. This class has the power to eliminate threats even before they become threats and have your melee-based and close-ranged teammates not be overwhelmed.

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