Often asked: How To Make A Pilgrim Costume At Home?


How do pilgrims dress up?

The basic apparel for Pilgrim men would have consisted of a 1) shirt which also served as underwear; 2) doublet; 3) breeches or slops; 4) stockings; 5) latchet shoes, and 6) a hat (brimmed, flat, or monmouth cap). Slops were commonly used in addition to breeches in the 1620s.

How do you make a pilgrim bonnet?


  1. 1 Prepare the paper. Prepare a sheet of 12″ x 18″ drawing paper or white construction paper.
  2. 2Draw three lines.
  3. 3Punch a pair of holes.
  4. 4Fold along the horizontal line.
  5. 5Cut a pair of ribbons.
  6. 6Attach the ribbons.
  7. 7Glue the top flap.
  8. 8Cut along the vertical lines.

How do you make a pilgrim bonnet without sewing?

DIY Pilgrim Bonnet | Fold over one long edge of a piece of white crafts foam to create a 2-inch-wide brim. Staple it once on each side to hold it in place. Make seven evenly spaced 4-1/2-inch-long cuts on the long unfolded edge for a total of eight flaps. Punch a hole 1 inch from the edge at the center of each flap.

What’s a pilgrim hat called?

The capotain is especially associated with Puritan costume in England in the years leading up to the English Civil War and during the years of the Commonwealth. It is also commonly called a Flat Topped Hat and a Pilgrim hat, the latter for its association with the Pilgrims who settled Plymouth Colony in the 1620s.

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How do you make a pioneer bonnet out of paper?


  1. Take a large piece of construction paper and cut following the picture of Pilgrim bonnet template.
  2. Fold up the edge without the cuts 2 inches.
  3. Next, fold the side with the cuts.
  4. Cut the ribbon to the size of the individual wearing the bonnet.
  5. Now we have some adorable Pilgrims!

Is a bonnet hat?

A bonnet is an old-fashioned hat that ties under the chin. Sometimes people dress babies up in frilly clothes and bonnets. A bonnet isn’t stiff like many hats are — instead, it’s made of soft fabric and has no brim.

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