Often asked: Doctor Who 11th Doctor Costume?


What kind of coat does the 11th Doctor wear?

They do a Smith Tweed Jacket (see left) which ticks a lot of boxes with the correct buttoning; pocket styles; elbow patches in a choice of options; and single back vent. The fabric, however, is not a genuine Harris Tweed, being a good alternative but so is a compromise.

What type of shirt does the 11th Doctor wear?

2: Shirt – as you’ll see from the picture above, the Eleventh Doctor wears nice shirts. Something that fits quite snugly on your beanpole frame, made of a thick cotton. A light colour but not sparkling bright and white. Something a bit subtle (like this cream shirt here), browny, bluey or reddy.

What shoes did the 11th Doctor wear?

11th Doctor: Leather Wingtip Boots.

How do I dress like the 10th Doctor?

How To Dress Like The Tenth Doctor

  1. Hair – gelled up.
  2. Shirt – the simplest thing would be a white shirt, but the Tenth Doctor occasionally wears a dark blue shirt with that brown suit, or a burgundy shirt with the blue suit.
  3. Tie – something thinnish, dark and not over-patterned.
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How do I dress like the 12th Doctor?

Wear a white shirt buttoned up to the top, one of the trademarks of the new Doctor. Find an old school blazer or long coat which is navy or black. Ask for some help to add a splash of red to the inside edges of the jacket which can be seen when you move. Skinny black school trousers will match the dark coat.

How do you act like Dr Who?

Be sociable with all sorts of people. You’ll soon stop being concerned with what others think of you. By being friendly and genuine, you’ll start to feel like a charismatic Time Lord who fears no one. Be polite and nonjudgmental. After all, the Doctor wouldn’t randomly insult people or look down upon them.

Does Matt Smith have twitter?

Note: currently, Matt Smith isn’t on Twitter, nor is David Tennant.

What does Dr Who sonic screwdriver do?

The War Doctor also used his sonic in tandem with the Tenth and Eleventh’s to create a force field wave to repel a Dalek. These are more specific functions of the sonic screwdriver: Unlocking or locking a door. Burning or cutting certain substances.

What boots Does the doctor wear?

He wears black Dr Martens Affleck boots.

Why does the 10th Doctor wear Converse?

They’re beautiful boots. But I want to wear these crappy old trainers,” Tennant said, noting that his preference for the Converse shoes was a “really unpopular choice” in parts of the ” Doctor Who” design department. Earlier in the panel, Tennant said his look for the Tenth Doctor was inspired by another actor.

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