How To Make Monarch Butterfly Wings Costume?


How do you make a butterfly wings costume?

Directions for Felt Butterfly Wings

  1. Draw half of a wing shape on the white posterboard using pencil and cut it out.
  2. Take your piece of black felt and fold it in half.
  3. Cut the black felt around the template.
  4. Now it’s time to add the black and white design.

What are butterfly wings?

Butterfly wings are made of two protein membranes that are covered in thousands of scales and tiny hairs. These wing scales are overlapping pieces of the protein chitin and are modified, plate-like setae. The colors and patterns of butterfly and moth wings come from these layers of tiny scales.

How do you draw a butterfly wing?

3. Draw Butterfly Wings

  1. Start with four triangles attached to the body.
  2. Add the round margins.
  3. Attach an apex at each of the wings.
  4. Draw arcs bursting on curves from the base of the wings.
  5. Cross the costal margins with arcs.
  6. Separate the inner margins with rough straight lines.

How do you make butterfly wings out of paper?

Take a pencil and wrap your pipe cleaner around it a few times. Step6 Glue tissue paper ovals on each wing of the butterfly. Then glue oval tissue papers prepared in Step4 all around it. Then use your imagination to make the most beautiful butterfly wings ever!

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How do you attach costume wings?

Attach with Velcro. Two strips of Velcro are enough to secure the wings. The sticky sides of the Velcro attach to the inner side of the wings and to the back of your clothes. To put the wings on, push the Velcro sides together and you’re done. Arm or thumb loops can be sewn onto felt-covered cardboard.

How do you make a paper butterfly costume?

How to make butterfly wings:

  1. Fold a sheet of poster board in half and cut out a wing shape.
  2. We decorated this one with watercolor paint.
  3. Once the paint dries, punch two holes near the center at the top, and two more holes at the bottom. Take a length of ribbon and poke it through the holes to make arm straps.

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