How To Make Maleficent Costume?


Are Maleficent’s horns real?

Cheekbones: Jolie has said that she and the makeup team “wanted to give her more angles and take all the softness out of [Jolie’s] face and make everything sharper and stronger.” Special-effects makeup artist Rick Baker explained to Allure that they actually used Lady Gaga’s forehead horns as inspiration: “I thought it

What is Maleficent’s staff called?

Despite the character of Maleficent being based on the animated counterpart from Sleeping Beauty and not the character of the 2014 movie, in Descendants, the staff is closer in design to the one seen in the live-action film. It is sometimes called the ” Maleficent Scepter” or the ” Maleficent Sceptre”.

What color are Maleficent’s wings?

Adult Maleficent’s wing is sized for an adult fairy. Seen below, these are the wings she has as the the largest of the fairies, when she is Queen (and protector) of the Moors. This version of the wings are made from very dark gray to light black and still have the claw-like talons at the top.

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