How To Make Costume Headpieces?


How do you make a sunshine headband?

Cut long thin strips of yellow felt to spiral wrap around the headband. Use dabs of hot glue as you’re wrapping to hold it together. Cut 5 sets of triangles for the rays of sunshine. Hot glue two edges of each triangle together and stuff with whatever you have on hand – tissue, paper towels, felt scraps, or newspaper.

How do you make a sun fancy dress?

Cardboard, rope, scissors, glue, yellow and orange paint, pen (optional), yellow or orange clothing. What if I don’t have cardboard? If you dress all in yellow, you can pretend you are the sun. The rays of your sun costume don’t have to be rigid; you can use yellow fabric to create rays.

How do you make a sunburst crown?

How to make a sunburst headdress:

  1. Find the upper center point of your headband and cinch down one of the longer zip ties in this spot.
  2. Add 3 smaller zip ties on either side of your central long tie.
  3. Add a longer zip tie on each end…
  4. Continue repeating this pattern until you’ve covered most of the headband!

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