FAQ: How To Make Evie Costume?


How do you dress like Evie?

How to Dress like Evie from Descendants – Make Your Own Costume. Get a dark blue leather jacket in any style that you prefer. Pair up your jacket with a black leather short skirt. Wears a pair of black leggings under you skirt.

What does Evie look like from descendants?

In Isle of the Lost, Evie is described being the fairest of them all, with dark ocean blue hair, dark brown eyes, and full rosy red lips. In the film, Evie likes to wear her hair out, whereas in Isle of the Lost she wears it as a V-braid.

Are Mal and Evie sisters?

Portrayed by. Mal and Evie ( Mevie or Malvie) is a friendship- sister pairing, Mal is the daughter of Maleficent, and Evie is the daughter of the Evil Queen.

Who is Evie’s dad?

Evie (played by Sofia Carson) is the daughter of the Evil Queen (Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs). She is very good at cooking, sewing, making clothes, and fashion design. She is best friends with Mal and owns her own fashion company Evie’s Four Hearts. Jay (played by Booboo Stewart) is the son of Jafar (Aladdin).

Do Ben and Mal stay together?

They are still a couple at the end of Descendants 2. They are each other’s true loves, as revealed when Mal frees Ben from a spell using true love’s kiss. They are currently officially engaged.

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