FAQ: How To Make Cow Ears For Costume?


How do you make cow ears?

  1. Draw a cow ear on paper.
  2. Fold the felt in half and place the pattern with the base of the ear at the fold.
  3. Start at the fold and cut around the pattern.
  4. Cut the other ear the same way.
  5. Spread a thin layer of white or fabric glue on one side of the felt.
  6. Wrap the felt ears around the headband on each side.

How do you make a lion ear costume?

Woohoo! Make some lion ears by cutting out out 4 rounded-top, flat-bottomed tan ears and 2, slightly smaller brown ones. Sew around the edges of the tan ears and then sew the brown ones onto the middle. Fold over the bottom a bit and sew along it to keep in place.

What are cow ears made of?

Pig and cow ears are made of cartilage. They are soft, malleable, and easy on the teeth.

How do you make a sheep ear costume?

  1. Cut two 4 inch long, 3 1/2 inch wide ear shapes out of plush fabric with the scissors.
  2. Cut a rectangle of plush fabric the same width as the headband, but one inch longer.
  3. Measure 3 1/2 inches down the length of the rectangular piece of fabric.
  4. Pinch the bottom of one of the ears together.

How do you make cardboard ears?

Basically just cut out a couple of ear shapes out of cardboard, have your little one go to town with painting them and then hot glue them onto a headband and boom, done. That’s it!

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How do you make a lion tail?

To create the lion tail, I cut a strip of yellow fleece a bit longer than the desired tail length. I folded the strip in half and placed a strip of scrap fabric down the center to make turning easier. I sewed the open edge of the strip closed and pulled the fleece tube right-side out.

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