FAQ: How To Make A Where Waldo Costume?


How do you dress like Waldo?

The Basic Outfit Regular blue jeans and nondescript brown shoes or boots round out the lower half of your Waldo outfit. For the top half, put on a long-sleeved white-and-red T-shirt with horizontal stripes. Waldo’s hat is a basic white and red knit winter hat with a red pompom.

What color shoes does Waldo wear?

The character is known for his distinct wardrobe of a red and white striped shirt, blue jeans, brown boots, red and white striped socks, glasses, and his red and white bobbled hat.

Where is Waldo costume kid size?

Kids Where’s Waldo Costume – Where’s Waldo

Size Chest Waist
XS/S 20-22 20-21
S/M 22-28 21-24
L/XL 30-34 25-27
Kid Unisex 1 Size 26-32 23-26


What color is wheres waldos hair?

Body. Waldo is a young boy of medium height, with a slender build, peach skin, auburn hair, and black eyes.

Where is Waldo’s wife?

Wenda is Waldo’s current girlfriend. The character is the “one who takes the pictures” according to the intro of The Wonder Book, but she always loses her camera. She first appeared in 1991 in Where’s Waldo: The Magnificent Poster Book along with her twin sister, Wilma.

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Where is Odlaw?

Odlaw seems to be something of an evil twin/bad counterpart to Waldo, and it is later confirmed by the revelation that he comes from Odlaw’s Swamp in remote Maine, where hundreds of other Odlaws live, which is a parallel to the Land of Waldos.

Is Where’s Waldo dead?

The EMTs reportedly couldn’t find his pulse. Recent reports from the San Francisco Police Department have confirmed that two officers have finally found Waldo from Where’s Waldo? fame.

What is Waldo’s full name?

His name “Odlaw” is simply a reversal of ” Waldo ” from the American editions, although he is still called “Odlaw” in the United Kingdom as well.

Why is Wheres Wally?

When Handford first designed his leading man, he named him Wally – a shortened formed of Walter or Wallace but commonly used in Britain as a slang term for a somewhat spacey person.

Which came first Wally or Waldo?

Wally was born, a visual tie-in that kept continuity from scene to scene. The book series launched in 1987 in the UK, with Wally as its titular character; later that same year, the series was launched in the US, where Wally was introduced as Waldo.

Why does Waldo have a cane?

Waldo’s walking stick is Waldo’s key to his travels. The magical stick was given to Waldo by Wizard Whitebeard, and can open portals to far away lands, as well as travel through time. The stick is the reason for Odlaw’s pursuit of Waldo, as he wants the walking stick for himself.

What age range is Where’s Waldo?

The publisher bills the latest “ Where’s Waldo?” book as fare for ages 6 and up. But the series also has a vast following among 3- and 4-year olds.

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