FAQ: How To Make A Stand Up Collar For A Costume?


How do you make a stand up collar?

Follow the steps below to make the perfect collar!

  1. Lay collar pieces face-to-face and stitch around the outer edge of collars.
  2. Press lower edge of outer collar stand upwards to secure seam allowance.
  3. Place collar between collar stands and stitch together.
  4. Turn to face and press neatly.

How do you draft a collar for a dress?

You can create a few different collar Shapes.

  1. For a collar with a straight neckline edge, draw a line from F to C.
  2. For a collar with a curved neckline edge, draw a line from F to E, passing through G1.
  3. For a collar with a more curved neckline edge, draw a line from F to E, passing through G2.

How do you make a simple collar?


  1. Add Fusible Interfacings to Collar Pieces.
  2. Sew the Long Collar Seam.
  3. Sew the Short Edge Seams.
  4. Trim and Turn.
  5. Press the Collar.
  6. Attach the Collar to the Collar Stand.
  7. Trim the Seam Allowances on the Collar Stand.
  8. Press Your Collar Again.

What is a rolled collar?

a collar that stands up slightly from the point of attachment to the neckline of a garment before folding over to lie flat.

What are the types of collar?

There are four main types of collar such as flat, stand, roll and shawl.

  • Round Collar or one piece peter pan collar:
  • Peter Pan Collar:
  • Scalloped collar:
  • Sailor Collar:
  • Roll collar:
  • Shirt collar:
  • Band collar:
  • Shawl collar:
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What color is Snow White’s skirt?

Everyone knows of the classic Snow White dress from the animated film: yellow skirt, high white collar, and a blue tunic with puffed sleeves.

How do you become Snow White?

Method 1 of 2: Look and Act Like Snow White

  1. A dress with a cream or yellow ankle-length skirt.
  2. A blue bodice with a scoop neck and thin, vertical gold braid down the center.
  3. Blue and red slashed sleeves or blue sleeves embellished with red laces tied in bows.
  4. A high, stiff white collar.

What type of sleeves does Snow White have?

The sleeves are based on a slash sleeve. The reference material had red fabric along the outside edge but I wanted it as two separate elements.

What is built up collar?

The stand up collar offers a high neck finish to a carefully selected range of John Smedley garments. The stand up collar uses the traditional two step method of knitting the collar and the rest of the garment separately and then stitching them together afterwards.

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