FAQ: How To Make A Mad Scientist Costume?


How do mad scientists dress?

The mad scientist costume typically involves a lab coat and wild hair. A few props can add more science and more madness. The lab coat could be a t-shirt cut in the middle or an oversize-white button down shirt.

How do you dress like a scientist?

If you’re going for the professional look, wear the lab coat over a smart pair of trousers or a skirt and wear smart shoes. Add a tie or a bow tie and brush hair neatly to one side or for long hair, tie in a neat ponytail or bun. Now all you need to do is accessorise.

How do I dress like Albert Einstein?

An Albert Einstein costume is an easy one to make, mostly out of clothes you can find at home or at a thrift store.

  1. Put on a rumpled pair of slacks and a sweater.
  2. Put on a wild white-gray wig.
  3. Apply a coat of spirit gum adhesive to your upper lip.
  4. Tap the spirit gum with your finger until it gets tacky.

How do female scientists dress?

How to Look Like a Woman in Science

  1. Don’t wear heels higher than 2 inches. Certainly women should be wearing heels.
  2. Wear makeup, but not too much makeup. As a woman, you have a particular physical standard to maintain.
  3. Have at least one male co-author, so you look smarter.

How do I dress like Isaac Newton?

Homemade Isaac Newton Costume

  1. An adult or child’s black two piece dress suit. (Jacket and pants.)
  2. A white button up dress shirt. (Long or short sleeved)
  3. A white wig in which you can find at local beauty supply or wig stores.
  4. A thin white scarf.
  5. A pair of black shoes.

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