FAQ: How To Make A Foam Costume?


What kind of foam is used to make costumes?

EVA Foam is a great material for constructing costumes and props of all different kinds, from period armor and swords to slick futuristic robots. It is especially beloved by cosplayers and prop makes because it is lightweight, cheap, and can easily be cut, carved, and even heat shaped to create interesting forms.

What is the best glue for EVA foam?

In short, the best glue for almost every EVA Foam project is Contact Cement. Contact Cement is a strong glue, that is also slightly elastic, so it will endure bending and twisting. It is also easy and fast to use and very accurate to use.

How expensive is EVA foam?

Order EVA Foam Sheets

Sheets Price Each
1–9 $25.74
10–24 $20.59
25–99 $15.44
100+ $12.87

Can you use a hair dryer on EVA foam?

A hair dryer should work fine, it just may take a bit longer to get the pieces heated. Having helped a friend with shaping the armor and doing foam work myself, I have found the best thing to do after getting it heated up and shaped is to throw it in the freezer. This sets the foam better than just letting it cool.

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Is Eva foam good for soundproofing?

Due to the air it traps EVA Foam is generally a good soundproofing product. However, most EVA foam mats are not best suited to busy areas in gyms due to their lack of density and thickness. They can make a big difference in terms of gym acoustics as they reduce echo and make the gym sound quieter inside.

Can craft foam be heated?

Shaping craft foam is quite easy, as well. In order to get it to keep a rounded shape, you have to heat it. I personally love my heat gun, but you can also use a stove top burner, a hair dryer on high heat, or you can iron the foam. As long as the foam is hot, you can shape it into rounded or curved shapes.

How strong is EVA foam?

The EVA foam material characteristically provides good gloss and clarity, remains strong at low-temperatures, retains its resistance to UV radiation and stress-cracking, and possesses hot-melt adhesive waterproof properties.

What is the best EVA foam for cosplay?

Cosplay EVA Foam: a. EVA 38 Foam: Foamsmiths tend to choose this type of foam for most armor creation, as it has a great combination of flexibility, durability, and cost efficiency.

Is EVA foam the same as craft foam?

It is the same as EVA foam, but in a thinner format. Another example of using craft foam!

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