FAQ: How Do I Make An Elf Costume?


How do you dress up like an elf?

Try wearing long jackets or coats as opposed to short ones – this will look more elegant, like a high elf. Have a look at elf characters from movies such as The Lord of the Rings. Flowing clothes might look more elegant than tight clothes, but it depends on your taste. Don’t wear clothes you won’t feel comfortable in.

How do you dress like an elf on a budget?

One of the key elements when you make your elf costume is the choice of socks. Christmas elves use high striped socks that combine white with another color in the scheme, be it red, green or black. We recommend wearing red and white socks, since that combination looks like a candy cane and is more fun and cheerful.

How do you make a paper elf on the shelf hat?

Here are the instructions:

  1. First fold the construction paper in and cut off the excess forming a triangle.
  2. Then trace ears and cut them out.
  3. Then staple the two sides of the paper to form a cone and.
  4. staple the ears at the bottom of each side.
  5. Finally, glue the cotton ball to the top, and you are finished.
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How do you make easy elf shoes?


  1. Create 2 shoe templates out of cardstock.
  2. Make a fringe pattern for the edge of your shoes.
  3. Trace and cut out the fabric pieces from the shoe templates.
  4. Sew the heel ends of the felt pieces together.
  5. Sew the fringe onto the top portion of the shoe.
  6. Pin and sew the sole to the bottom of the side shoe pieces.

How do you make elf out of toilet paper rolls?

Wrap the toilet paper roll with a green strip of paper. Cut out a yellow buckle square, a black strip for the belt, and a jagged edge red piece for the neck part. I taped all of them together but you can always use glue. Cut out a circle of green paper then fold it in half and again.

How do you make a paper elf?

Directions For How To Make A Paper Elf

  1. Cut out the template and trace around the elements.
  2. Attach the red glitter paper collar to the round green body.
  3. Accordion fold 4 green strips of paper for the arms and legs.
  4. Glue the arms and legs to the body and attach the mittens and boots to the ends of the arms and legs.

How do you make a little elf hat?


  1. 1 Make a paper triangle. The first step is to make a hat pattern from paper.
  2. 2Tie a pencil to a string. Tape your triangle to a flat work surface.
  3. 3Draw an arc.
  4. 4Cut out.
  5. 5 Prepare a sheet of felt or fabric.
  6. 6Trace the pattern onto the fabric.
  7. 7Cut the fabric.
  8. 8Join the straight edges together.

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