FAQ: Doctor Who 10th Doctor Costume?


What type of suit does the 10th Doctor wear?

​The Tenth Doctor’s Suit The tenth Doctor wears a blue pin striped suit and also an exact duplicate in brown.

What color converse does the Tenth Doctor wear?

Natural White (Colour code M9162) — First seen in The Christmas Invasion (2005), these are the colour of Converse most commonly associated with the Tenth Doctor, and worn in the majority of his episodes.

How do I dress like the Ninth Doctor?

How To Dress Like The Ninth Doctor

  1. Hair – a close crop.
  2. Shirt – we’re back to deep colours again.
  3. Tie – The Ninth Doctor does not even think that ties are cool, let alone bow ties.
  4. Jacket – the key to the Ninth Doctor’s costume is the jacket.
  5. Pants – hard-wearing black uniform pants.

What kind of coat does Dr Who Wear?

The classic Fourth Doctor jacket is a medium-length deep red velvet jacket with tan leather elbow patches. But he’s also been seen in a calf length coat of similar hue, or the brown frock coat as seen here.

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What does Dr Who sonic screwdriver do?

The War Doctor also used his sonic in tandem with the Tenth and Eleventh’s to create a force field wave to repel a Dalek. These are more specific functions of the sonic screwdriver: Unlocking or locking a door. Burning or cutting certain substances.

What boots does the 11th Doctor wear?

11th Doctor: Leather Wingtip Boots.

Does the doctor wear Converse?

They’re beautiful boots. But I want to wear these crappy old trainers,” Tennant said, noting that his preference for the Converse shoes was a “really unpopular choice” in parts of the ” Doctor Who” design department. It’s kind of like, ‘I’m sort of an official, but I’m really not,” Tennant said to a lot of laughter.

What are Sandshoes?

Filters. (Scotland, Australia, New Zealand) A sports or walking shoe with canvas upper and rubber sole; a sneaker. noun.

Why did the doctor wear such a scarf?

According to Tom Baker, when a woman named Begonia Pope was asked to knit a scarf for the new Doctor, she was unsure how long a scarf was required. Eventually, she decided the scarf had become too much a part of the Doctor’s image and designed a new one to go with the burgundy colour scheme of the Doctor’s new outfit.

Who gave the tenth doctor’s coat?

Janis Joplin | Tardis | Fandom.

What kind of coat does David Tennant wear?

This coat is a polyester/wool blend with lightweight lining. You’ll look fantastic as a 945 year old Time Lord when you wear this officially licensed BBC Doctor Who Tenth Doctor Jacket by elope. Become one of the most celebrated regeneration of the Doctor in this BBC Doctor Who Tenth Doctor Jacket.

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